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The Content panel displays the list of the layers of the opened Job. Layers can be group layers, vector layers (point, polylines, polygons), data tables, raster layers and online sources (TMS, WMS).


Each item of the layer lists displays the name of the layer, its state and the top-left icon shows the type of the layer. This icon controls the visibility of the layer. Clicking on this icon turns on and off the layer.


Clicking on the layer name or the right part of item opens the layer properties. Vector layers and Raster layers (including the online raster sources) have different properties.


Content panel provides tools to create new layer, add existing one, or select layers in the list.




Create a new layer: enter the name of the layer, select the geometry type for vector layers. Select the type of the layer: Group layer, Vector layers (Map, Shp, Dxf, Mif, Bna), Table layers (Tab, Dbf, Txt, Csv, Crd), or WMS layer.



Add existing layer: vector layers, raster layers, data tables, TMS sources. At first select the layer type. Vector, raster layers and data tables can be opened from local storage, by default the Job folder or any other folder, but these layers can be opened from Google Drive or DropBox using the Drive icon.



Select layers: the program switches to layer selection mode. Each layer can be selected by the right icon.



Remove the selected layers from the Job or the current layer group.



Move the selected layers upward.



Move the selected layers downward.



Export the selected vector layers to vector or data table format. The output will be exported into the Job folder.



Upload the selected layers to Google Drive. Authentication required.



Upload the selected layers to DropBox. Authentication required.