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This toolset contains drawing tools and commands.




Select layer: this command lists the editable layers. The Draw tools will use this layer as output to save the elements.



Point / Line / Area: draw points, polylines and polygons. The geometry type depends on the type of the layer (point, line, area). Only one geometry type is allowed to store in a layer. Each vertex will be snapped to the nearest existing vertices, endpoints, perpendicular points, or nearest segments. Snapping can be turned off in the Map Settings. It is possible to reshape the input geometry by dragging the already inserted vertices and snapping it to existing features.



Create: this command creates a new entity from the drawing geometry. It opens the Attributes panel to fill the attribute data of the new record.

New part


New part: this command adds a new part to the input geometry constructing a multipart geometry (multi polyline, islands or holes in a polygon).



Back: this command deletes the last vertex of the input geometry.



Restart: this command erases all vertices of the input geometry.



Delete: this tool selects an entity at first; the second selection of the same entity will erase the entity.



Add: add a vertex to the input geometry by entering its Coordinates.