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topoXpress is an efficient, lightweight but powerful GIS (Geographic Information System) data collection, visualization and processing software with the following characteristics:


1.Multiplatform development: the same software with the same rich functionality for Android and Windows. You can prepare your work in the office, conclude the data collection in the field, and process your collected data in the office.
2.Includes both GIS and Surveyor functions
3.Handles and displays large spatial datasets (raster and vector) due to the C++ native engine.
4.Responsive and intuitive user interface: easy to learn and use, automatic adjustment to different screen size, orientation and resolution of mobile (tablets, smart phones) and desktop devices.
5.Online and offline operation: online data sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, TMS, WMS, KML), offline raster datasets (jpeg, ers, tiff, png, lan, bil), offline vector datasets (map, shp, mif, dxf, txt, crd, dat, dbf, tab, mid).
6.Powerful GIS visualization functions: thematic mapping, transparency, labeling, layer groups, vector symbols, line types, fill types, event mapping.
7.Productive field data collection: templates, surveying, stakeout, CoGo (Coordinate Geometry), forms, lists, calculated fields, GIS editing functions, sampling tool and more.
8.Extensive support of GNSS receivers, range finders, projection systems, geoids, shift grids.


The app can be used in many different sectors:

Field data collection and inspection
Land Surveying
Topographic mapping
Farm mapping
Utility mapping and inspection


*** NOTE: topoXpress offers all specified GIS functions free of charge. However, saving and exporting your job can be done through our cloud service. Please contact us at the website for further details.