Raster layer

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Raster layer

Raster layers are grid data structures, rows and columns of pixels or cells, and each pixel can store one or more (multiband) numeric values. Raster layers are stored in data files. Currently the following file formats are supported by the software: Jpeg, Ers, Tiff, Png, Lan, Bil. The program can open georeference world files next to the raster such as jgw, tfw, pgw.


The 5 raster Tabs help to setup the appearance of the raster layer:

1.General Tab: contains basic controls and information about the layer
2.Display Tab: provides controls to adjust the rendering of the raster layer
3.Connection Tab: shows the WMS layer connection properties.
4.Layers Tab: lists the available WMS layers
5.Classes Tab: list the thematic classes of the raster layer to categorize the pixel values