Vector layer

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Vector layer

Vector layers contain points, polylines, polygons defined by vertex coordinates, and each entity has fixed number of attributes. Vector layers are stored in one or several data files, usually one file for the geometry and another one for the attributes. The following vector and table files are supported: map, shp, mif, dxf, txt, crd, dat, dbf, tab, mid.


The entities of a vector layer can be displayed on the map using symbology (colors, symbols, size), and can be labeled by their attribute values.


Five Tab helps to setup the appearance of a vector layer:

1.General Tab: contains basic controls and information about the layer
2.Style Tab: provides controls to classify and label the entities
3.Classes Tab: list the thematic classes of the vector layer created by the selected Classification method
4.Attributes Tab: contains the attribute fields of the vector layer
5.Data Tab: has controls to define an event layer.