Workspace customization

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Workspace customization

Workspace customization

k-tip-iconThe following customization options are available in the Mobile and also in the Desktop edition

Settings panel > Map tab


Customization options on the Settings panel > Map tab



Full screen


Full screen mode: on/off

FullScreenOn FullScreenOff



Pan frame


Pan frame: on/off

PanFrameOn PanFrameOff



Coordinate display


Coordinate display: on/off

CoordDisplayOn CoordDisplayOff



Map grid


Map grid: on




Night colour


Night colour = WHITE




Background colour


Background colour = GREEN




Using customized Menu and Toolbar definitions on the Settings panel > System tab


In TopoLynx topoXplore the tool definitions are stored as menu (.MNU) and toolbar (.TBR) text files. If your mobile GIS application only requires a subset of the commands offered in the default menu and toolbar, or requires them presented in a different arrangement, you can modify the existing menu and toolbar and / or create your own. You can do this using a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad) based only built-in commands in this Reference Guide.




Selecting custom menu files on the Settings > System tab






Selecting custom menu and toolbar files on the Settings > System tab