Related tables

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Related tables

TopoLynx topoXplore supports to create mapping projects with related attribute tables. The use of related tables is necessary for example to collect different data from several tree species in one forest compartment, collect different data from several geological rock samples in one place etc. To do this you need a primary (parent) table and one (or more) related (child) table with one key data field in each attribute table to link the child table to the parent table.


Parent table definitions:


Parent table with three key data fields



k-tip-iconIn the parent table an integer data field type and Increment last value data field default value must be used to the key field. The Read only rule is suggested to use to any key field.


Field definitions of the key fields in the parent table



Child table definitions:


Child tables with the same key fields.



k-tip-iconIn the child tables the same data field name and field type must be used as in the parent table. The only difference is the default value: Copy last value. The Read only rule is suggested to use to any key field in the child tables as well.


Field definitions of the key fields in the child tables.



You must select the key field as a link field in each child table on the Source panel to build the relations between the parent table and its child tables.


Selected link fields of the child tables on the Source panel.



k-tip-iconBefore you start the data collection with the related tables set the Tree view for the displayed new record in the Settings panel > Record tab and save your mapping project as a TopoLynx topoXplore Map (.EXP) file.


Tree view mode during the data capture


The Record panel appears in Tree view after the geometry creation.



Tap on the name of the child table that marked with (Add) to add new the records in the child table.

tree_view_child_add_record   tree_view_child_add_record2


New added record in the child table.