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Project templates

Project templates are ready to use data capture projects with empty vector layers and optional raster and/or vector background layers. The Project template usage is accessible on the Startup options panel via the Open template button and also via the Recent project template button.


Using Project templates


1 - Accessing project templates



2 - Selecting a Project template



3 - Configuring Project template options



The reference description to the controls on the screenshot: "3 - Configuring Project template options" can be found in the Startup topic.


Default Project template Path:

Desktop version:

$DOCUMENTS\TopoLynx topoXplore\MapTemplates

Mobile version:





How to use the Project template feature?


1.Tap on the Open button (or choose among the recent Project templates) on the Startup options panel to select a Project template

2.Select a template file then tap [OK]. The template file extension is TopoLynx topoXplore Map (.EXP)

3.Configure the project on the settings area of the Startup options panel, then tap on/click on the Create Project button


Which layers can be used in the Project template?


Any EMPTY vector layer can be used in the Project template as attribute table template WITHOUT feature and feature attributes.


If a vector layer in the Project template contains at least one feature with feature attribute the New Project (that you create with the Project template) links this layer with relative path to the Project Template's original location. That is in this case the this layer will be a background layer.


If there are geometries and attribute records in the layer or if you are using Raster or TIN layers the software will open them with relative path from their original location in the new project. Projection, Labeling, classification, scale settings...etc. can also be used dynamically.


Code dictionary can also be used in the Project template.


How to create a new Project template?


1.Create a New project on the Startup options panel using the "Default Project template Path"

2.Create new layers into the project

3.Customize the attribute table by adding new data fields with the required default values, expressions ...etc. or by using Attribute table templates

4.Copy the optional background raster and / or vector layers to the Project template path described above then add them to this project as layers

5.Save the project with the changes you made


k-tip-iconIf you would like to use the your Project templates in the Project template folder synchronize this folder with the mobile devices you want to use on the field. If you are working with tablets copy this folder to the Project template PATH described above.