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Open project

This command is accessible in the Project menu, or by clicking on the dtToolOpen Open Project button in the toolbar (Desktop version). The Open Project command also accessible on the Startup options panel.


dtToolOpen Open Project

Opens the Open Project File panel to Open project(s).

k-tip-iconTopoLynx topoXplore merges the selected Projects into one Project when more than one project files selected in the Open Project file panel for opening.

Keyboard command: O

Supported map file formats: APM, DAT, DMP, EXP, GML, KML, KMZ


Open Project File panel



Supported mapping project formats with the Open Project command in different editions

APM - ArcPad Map file
with ArcPad Layer Definition file(.APL)

DAT - Hungarian Digital Base Map

DMP - TopoLynx Map Pack

EXP - TopoLynx topoXplore Map

GML - OpenGIS GML Map file

KML - OpenGIS KML Map file

KMZ - OpenGIS KMZ Map file